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BeaverTail and Steelhead?

The first BeaverTail bait steelhead of 2019. (Fish cred. Austin Ragotzkie)

We set out today to see if Wisconsin steelhead would eat BeaverTail bait. We used the pink and white panfish bites on steelhead jigs under floats. It was definitely a tough day. The fish just haven’t hit the rivers very well yet. Austin Ragotzkie of Blue Ribbon Outdoors and I fished mainly the jig/beaver combo. Meanwhile Austin’s friends fished exclusively spawn. While I wouldn’t consider it a beatdown the results were solid for the panfish bites (new name in the future?) Spawn fishing hooked one fish. Jigs and BeaverTail helped us hooked up with 4 fish and we were able to land two. The two fish we landed were beautiful fresh hens that were still very tight. One fish went in the 7-8lb range (pictured) and one went around 3lbs. While there are many factors at play it would be safe to say that BeaverTail was at least as good as the spawn today. Try tipping your steelhead lures with BeaverTail panfish bites and let us know how they work for you. Also, if you wanna try steelhead in the Milwaukee area Austin and Blue Ribbon Outdoors provided an experience even when fishing was a grind. This was my first steelhead trip and you can bet it wont be my last!

3 thoughts on “BeaverTail and Steelhead?

  1. Just purchased a bunch of BT in all colors. Whts the best way to store them when not in use? Ordered before run out. This is my first time purchasing then and will be the first ice coming to use them. Thanks

    1. During the ice season don’t worry too much about care but make sure they don’t sit in the truck and freeze really hard. If this happens they may get mushy. If you are going to be more that a month or so between trips I recommend refrigeration. If kept cold they will last over a year.

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